Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Ciara At S.O.S. Help for Haiti

S.O.S. Saving OurSelves: Help for Haiti a three-hour televised concert co-hosted by Queen Latifah and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is set to bring on appearances and performances with the likes of Ciara, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Pharrell, Ludacris, Justin Bieber and Robin Thicke on February 5th.

The concert, which will be held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, will be a fundraiser to help raise money to help rebuild Haiti and provide relief.

S.O.S. Saving OurSelves: Help for Haiti is scheduled to air on MTV, VH1, BET and Centric on February 5, at 7PM CST.

Proceeds for the S.O.S. Saving OurSelves: Help for Haiti will go to benefit Haiti relief organizations including Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti, CARE, and Project Medishare.

Justin Bieber Arrived at LAX Airport

Justin Bieber keeps himself shielded from the cool night air as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (January 27).

The 15-year-old singer has just signed on to perform during BET’s “SOS Saving Ourselves: Help for Haiti,” according to MTV.

Hosted by Sean “Diddy” Combs and Queen Latifah, the show will air live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Friday, February 5 and will also feature Mary J. Blige, Ludacris, and Robin Thicke.

“SOS” will be broadcast on MTV, BET, VH1 and Centric at 8PM ET/PT and monies raised will go to organizations providing immediate relief in Haiti, including Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti foundation, C.A.R.E. and Project MediShare.

Caught on Tape, Before the Fame!

The video of Justin when he was 12 yers old, before he was so famous. The original video was posted by JB fan on youtube, twaezer. She was on school trip to Canada, and happen to caught Justin singing on the step in front of Avon Theater.

Direct Quote:
“I am not Justin Bieber; my class and I went on a trip to Stratford, Ontario in Canada in Sept. 2007 and just happened to see him singing there on the steps of the Avon theater. He was 12 at the time. We had no idea he would blow up on the music scene so fast or so soon after we met him, but we knew he was (and still is) incredible. Also, there is much talking and laughing because a play just got out and people were walking by. Trust me, no one was laughing at him. Actually, all of us were kind of obsessed with him when we saw him, so if there was talking among us, we were probably saying how amazing he is.

First song- Refine Me
Second song- I’ll Be
Third song- one he wrote himself.”

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber to Perform Together for Haiti Relief

Reportedly, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown will be performing at the Miami Heat Arena for another Haiti benefit on February 5th. The event will be aired on BET and MTV and will be hosted by P. Diddy and Queen Latifah.

Justin also participated in the “Canada for Haiti” event on January 22 alongside Celine Dion, Nelly Furtado, Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, Simple Plan, David Foster, Chantal Kreviazuk and more. They successfully raised around $16 million for the cause.

In other very interesting news, Justin Bieber said that he was threatened with arrest by police during the whole New York’s Roosevelt Field Mall fiasco.

“They expected 1,000 fans, but 10,000 turned up,” the 15-year-old recalled what made the November 2009’s event turned into chaos. He then admitted, “The stupid police officers ended up threatening to arrest me for coming. They told me to Tweet my fans telling them I wasn’t coming, otherwise they would arrest me. It didn’t make sense – how could you arrest someone for not Twittering?”

Justin ended up tweeting, “The event at roosevelt mall is canceled, please go home. the police have already arrested one person from my camp. I dont want anyone hurt.” He later tweeted, “Im sorry to everyone who was in Long Island at the Mall 2day. I was just trying to come meet fans and never meant to disappoint anyone.”

Wow, craziness!



The Amazing Life Story of Justin Bieber

Clevver TV dug up the deets on Justin Bieber. They say he has one of the most incredible stories in show biz and I agree. His story should inspire everyone. Amazing!

Clevver TV: Justin Drew Bieber may be a huge star here in the United States, but he actually hails from Stratford, Ontario, Canada. The fifteen year old star, who’s nickname is JBiebs has one of the most incredible stories in the entertainment world.

Bieber, who is an only child, is very open about his background and the fact that he grew up below the poverty line. Although he may not have had as much as others, Justin is somewhat of a prodigy. He taught himself how to play the piano, drums, guitar and trumpet. And at age 12 years old, he entered a local singing contest in his hometown, and despite the fact that all of his competitors had tons of professional training, he still earned second place. After this initial start, he and his mom started posting his videos up on Youtube, and the rest is history.

The funny thing is that Justin wasn’t really posted the videos to attract attention from industry insiders at first-he just wanted to give his family and friends that couldn’t attend his shows the opportunity to watch him. He did covers of some of his favorites like Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and a man that would later guide his career, Usher.

It was Scooter Braun, who is now Justin’s manager, who first discovered Bieber on youtube. After watching his videos, Braun flew Justin to Atlanta to meet with him and Usher. Justin Timberlake was also vying for the chance to sign Bieber, but in the end Usher won out.

Justin’s songs continue to top the charts, and girls across the globe just can’t enough of the single celebrity. He is rumored to have dated a few different ladies in Canada, as well as Jacque who is in the singing group Gyrls. He has also been venturing out into other things and he recently did an appearance on the show “True Jackson, VP.”

The future looks extremely bright for Justin Bieber and we will continue to cover his quickly growing career.

Justin Bieber Wants to Duet with miss Taylor Swift

As Justin Bieber continues to see his star rise, he has voiced his desire to be able to work with fellow young star, country singer Taylor Swift.

Chatting with press during his UK tour, the 15-year-old tells, “I would love to work with Taylor in the future. She’s a great writer, songwriter, musician, singer, so she’s an all-round great person. I think it would be great.”

Funnily enough, Justin actually had a bit of an unfortunate incident during a past experience while onstage with Taylor Swift.

“I actually broke my foot on stage performing with Taylor Swift,” Justin said. “I was opening up for her, which was a lot of fun — although it definitely wasn’t fun when I broke my foot. I was running and there was a little dip in the stage, and I rolled my ankle and broke it. I finished the song but it was still a great night.”